vSphere : Building a Windows Cluster

vSphere : Building a Windows Cluster

Clustering Windows Server 2003, or 2008 under vSphere is a simple process:

  1. Create your two VM cluster nodes in the vSphere Console
  2. Install Windows Server Enterprise Edition on both nodes
  3. Add additional ‘cluster’ storage, attached to an additional shared SCSI controller (for Single Copy Clusters, SQL clusters or File/Print Clusters then do not use Paravirtual, use LSI Logic. Paravirtual is fine for an Exchange 2010 DAG.). You’ll get a new controller if you assign a SCSI ID to each new disk starting ‘1:’
  4. Ensure all disks that are shared are set to Independent Persistent
  5. Ensure all Disks are “eagerZeroedThick”
  6. Ensure the controller is set to Virtual Sharing in the VM configuration
  7. Build the cluster
The step that is often missed out is the modification of the vmx file for each cluster VM node; without these changes you’ll find that NTFS filesystems can become corrupted or SQL databases end up with torn pages / in a suspect state. You may even see chkdsk running after a failover from one node to another.
Add the following lines to the bottom of your vmx file to help alleviate these symptoms:
{code lang:ini showtitle:false lines:false hidden:false}disk.locking = “FALSE”

diskLib.dataCacheMaxSize = “0”{/code}


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