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Removing Rakuten TV/ SyncPlus Channels from 2017/ 2018 Samsung Smart TVs

I recently purchased a Samsung Smart TV and every time, every time my kids watched anything on it via Plex they would hit the “Exit” button on the remote and end-up with Rakuten TV / SyncPlus channels blaring out occasionally inappropriate content.

Thanks to this post I was able to remove these annoying channels/ adverts by performing the following steps:

  1. Press CH-LIST on the remote
  2. Press up on the remote and select “Edit Channels” then press OK on the remote
  3. Select “4001” and “4002”
  4. Press right on the remote and select “Delete” then press OK on the remote

Browse to an alternative source, that’s Rakuten TV gone, for good.

Why Samsung are including this annoying service with their new TVs is beyond me. As consumers we are already paying a premium for the brand, it would appear the cash extraction opportunities now just begin at time of purchase.