OpsMgr : Agent Deployment Error; Already in the process of being managed

Came across this error recently when trying to push the agent using discovery wizard:

One or more computers you are trying to manage are already in the process of being managed

From SCOM OPS SQL Database use the following TSQL to resolve this issue:

{code lang:sql showtitle:false lines:false hidden:false}USE OperationsManager

SELECT AgentPendingActionId, AgentName
FROM AgentPendingAction
WHERE AgentName like ‘ServerName%’

–As long as the above returns something useful, then run

DECLARE @ActionId uniqueidentifier
SET @ActionId =
SELECT AgentPendingActionId
FROM AgentPendingAction
WHERE AgentName like ‘ServerName%’
EXEC p_AgentPendingActionDeleteByIdList @AgentPendingActionIdList = @ActionId{/code}

ConfigMgr : Windows 8.1 Build Modern App Tiles Wrong Language

We’re currently testing a ML Windows 8.1 build – 30+ languages, so languages are injected on demand, based upon network location. One thing we ran into was that the Modrn App tiles were still in the base OS language (en-US).

This appears to be a known bug as outlined here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2928948/en-us

The solution? Simply add a Run Command Line task to your Task Sequence after “Setup Windows and Configuration Manager” stage to execute the following command:

{code lang:text showtitle:false lines:false hidden:false}Schtasks.exe /change /disable /tn “\Microsoft\Windows\AppxDeploymentClient\Pre-staged app cleanup”{/code}