Exchange Server 2010

Exchange 2010 : Transport Server Pressure Script

Exchange 2010 : Transport Server Pressure Script

The below script will output the ResourceManager status of all transport servers, this can be useful when troubleshooting functions performed by Exchange 2010 transport servers.

{code lang:php lines:false hidden:false title:false}foreach ($srv in get-transportserver -identity "*") {
  [xml]$diag = Get-ExchangeDiagnosticInfo –Server $srv.identity –Process EdgeTransport –Component ResourceManager –Argument verbose
  $diag.Diagnostics.Components.ResourceManager.ResourceMonitors.ResourceMonitor | ft –a Type, Resourc*,*Pressure* | out-string
  Get-counter -ComputerName $ -Counter "\MSExchange RpcClientAccess\RPC Averaged Latency" –SampleInterval 5 -MaxSamples 2

To understand what pressure states mean, and the impact of each state take a look at the following TechNet article:

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