Internet Privacy : Is this even possible?!

I’ll be clear from the off-set here, anonymity is not my aim, but my  privacy is. I am happy to be held accountable for my actions, for my bank to know my purchases and to have a presence on LinkedIn and other such sites.

My aim is however simple, I don’t want “various companies” (such as Facebook) mining my data and/or sharing it and in effect using it to target me with products and services or to “profile” me. At the very least, I’d like to make it harder for them to do this.

I’ll state, for the record, I am in no way affiliated with any company listed within this article – there is no sponsorship or similar going on here.

Be aware, much of “the solution” involves you changing how you consume Internet-based services. Start thinking about one thing, when a service or product is free consider how you might actually be paying for it – in some cases the provider is privacy aware and has a robust privacy policy in-place, in other cases this is simply not true, and in-fact flies against the commercial model of the product or service.