ConfigMgr : Task Sequence Install VMWare Display WDDM Driver

It is possible to deploy and enable the VMware WDDM graphics driver during an OSD Task Sequence using the command listed below. This should be run after installation of the VMWare tools and a subsequent reboot. Use the ‘Run Command Line’ task to execute the comman, note that no additional package/configuration is required:

cmd.exe /c pnputil -i -a “%PROGRAMFILES%\Common Files\vmware\drivers\wddm_video\vm3d.inf”

I follow this stage witha reboot to ensure successful installation.

ConfigMgr : Slow/Sluggish Console Performance

Ever since rolling out SCCM 2012 we have been ‘unhappy’ with the Console performance, its not been unusable, but its not been as snappy as many of us have come to expect from our applications these days. Last night I was determined to resolve this; bring on Process Monitor! I noticed that browsing the various views in the console appears to increase CPU utilisation of the MsMpEng.exe process – System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection. I focused Process Monitor at the antimalware process to see if I could discover what it was scanning.

It’s worth pointing out at this stage we have been using the supplied SCEP policy for ConfigMgr servers since day one… I know what you were thinking.

Process Monitor revealed that the %PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs\SMSProv.log (note your path may vary depending upon you installation configuration) was being absolutely hammered when using the console. I’ve now whitelisted this single log file and the console is significantly faster – the change is quite remarkable.

SharePoint 2010 : Templates and Document Information Panel Errors

Came across an issue when centralising some documentation where sites created from a template would display erors when creating new documents:

“The Document Information Panel was unable to load. The document will continue to load. For more information, contact your system administrator.”

“The form cannot be opened. To fix this problem, contact the form designer. Form template: http://<site address>/../proppanel.xsn. The XML Schema for the form template has an invalid value for the following attribute: location.” 

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