VBScript : Find Files By Owner

The following code will list all files which a particular user owns, you will need to ‘pipe’ its output to a file using the following command: cscript.exe find-own.vbs > files.txt

Set objShell = CreateObject (“Shell.Application”)
Set objStartFolder = objShell.Namespace (“N:\”)
Set objFSO = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)

strUsername = “NETBIOSNAME\sAMAccountName”
oFolder = “N:\”

Dim arrHeaders(13)

ShowSubfolders objFSO.GetFolder(oFolder)

Sub ShowSubFolders(Folder)
On Error Resume Next
    For Each Subfolder in Folder.SubFolders
        Set oNsp = objShell.Namespace(Subfolder.Path)
        ‘Dim arrHeaders(13)
        For i = 0 to 13
            arrHeaders(i) = oNsp.GetDetailsOf (oNsp.Items, i)

        For Each strFileName in oNsp.Items
            If LCASE(oNsp.GetDetailsOf (strFileName, 8)) = LCASE(strUsername) Then
            Wscript.Echo Subfolder.Path & “\” & strFilename & “,” & arrHeaders(1) & “,” & Replace(oNsp.GetDetailsOf (strFileName, 1),”,”,””)
            End If
    ShowSubFolders Subfolder
End Sub

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