Windows Server 2003

RDP : Black Logon Screen

RDP : Black Logon Screen

Came across an odd one the other day where when trying to logon via RDP I was greeted with an RDP logon Window that was pretty much all black; Text Input boxes (username/password/domain) were all black, the logon window was all black, blackground was black. Everything was black other than the Windows 2003 logo.

Once logged in everything was fine however.

When it’s broken down like that you may see where I’m going with this…

Check out the Colour values under: HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Colors

On the affected server these were all “0 0 0” – i.e. black. You can simply export this key from another (working) Windows 2003 server and iomport it to the affected box.

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