Exchange Server 2010

Exchange 2010: Troubleshooting Public Folder Referrals

Exchange 2010: Troubleshooting Public Folder Referrals

I had an issue today where a user from another Mailbox server/domain (same forest/Exchange Org) was unable to access public folders on a different Exchange server.

It turned out that the users home Public Folder Database had been configured to allow refferals to only a single server. To identify this I used the following Exchange Shell Command:

{code lang:css title:”Exchange Shell Command” lines:false hidden:false}

$pfdb = Get-PublicFolderDatabase -IncludePreExchange2010

$pfdb | select-object servername,name,UseCustomReferralServerList,CustomReferralServerList | ft



To resolve the issue the Exchage Admin needed to add the destination Public Folder Database Servers to the CustomReferralServerList.

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