SharePoint 2013 : Disable SSL on Central Administration

I’ve been testing the AutoSPinstaller recently and ran into an issue where I’d set the “Use SSL” flag on the Central Admin configuration, but had no certificate/didn’t actually want it to use SSL.

I figured I’d just run Set-SPCentralAdministration -Port <PortNumber> to resolve this issue – however this doesn’t change any of the AAMs, notably the default AAM for Central Admin.

Using the PowerShell script I found in the following blog post, the issue was resolved:

Be sure to change the URL and port number to suit your requirements.

#Load the SharePoint assembly

#Get the central admin webapp
$cAdmApp = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPAdministrationWebApplication]::Local

#Create a new alternate url
$altUrl = New-Object "Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPAlternateUrl" -ArgumentList "http://sp2013:8010", "Default"

#Set this alternate url as response url
$cAdmApp.AlternateUrls.SetResponseUrl( $altUrl )

#Get the alternate urls definition, this should only list our //http://server:10000 url

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