MS17-010 Vulnerability Checking with PowerShell and Nmap

There have been several MS17-010 PowerShell scripts that have emerged over the last week or so, I wanted to call out a couple in particular, aimed at assurance/ understanding vulnerability within a network rather than the remediation/ clean-up.

The first uses Nmap to identify individual IPs/ hostnames that are vulnerable to MS17-010 exploit:

Using Nmap is important as simply installing the patch itself without a reboot is not enough to protect against this vulnerability. This script uses Nmap to confirm that this exploit is no longer available on a per-target basis, rather than simply looking for an installed hotfix.

The second script is good for checking that machines have the patch itself installed:

No doubt you’ll come across scripts that help you deploy the patch and even decrypt/ clean-up WannaCry itself – certainly lots of interesting reads in recent days.

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