Exchange Server 2007

Exchange 2007 : User Mailflow Tracking

Exchange 2007 : User Mailflow Tracking

The following Exchange Shell commands will produce send/receive reports for user mail and export to CSV in the local directory – be sure to change CAHTSRV01/02 to the correct server name:

get-messagetrackinglog -resultsize unlimited -server CAHTSRV02 -sender [email protected] -eventid send | select-object @{Name="Recipients";Expression={$_.recipients}},MessageSubject,Timestamp | export-csv userSurname-SentCAHTSRV02.csv

get-messagetrackinglog -resultsize unlimited -server CAHTSRV01 -sender [email protected] -eventid send | select-object @{Name="Recipients";Expression={$_.recipients}},MessageSubject,Timestamp | export-csv userSurname-SentCAHTSRV01.csv

get-messagetrackinglog -resultsize unlimited -server CAHTSRV01 -recipients [email protected] -eventid receive | select-object sender,MessageSubject,Timestamp | export-csv userSurname-ReceivedCAHTSRV01.csv

get-messagetrackinglog -resultsize unlimited -server CAHTSRV02 -recipients [email protected] -eventid receive | select-object sender,MessageSubject,Timestamp | export-csv userSurname-ReceivedCAHTSRV02.csv

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