ConfigMgr : Deployment Update Failed 80091007

Strange one this… I recently released a new version of a product in ConfigMgr, configured supersedence and waited for the defined uninstall/update to occur – only it didn’t. The software appeared to download on the client as expected (both old and new version) and then without any update in AppEnforce.log the deployment failed with an 80091007 error code.

On further investigation CAS.log contained the following:

{code lang:ini showtitle:false lines:false hidden:false}Download completed for content Content_1a0a6203-e945-4228-911c-3e3f7b6082aa.1 under context System ContentAccess 21/07/2013 16:48:36 9600 (0x2580)
Computed hash: 5AEBBE1E909AF384387E804ABCE3C8C71BBA007B433731766C0734EE44A28938 ContentAccess 21/07/2013 16:48:36 9600 (0x2580)
Failed to do hash verification with preference : 4. Try to verify at next hash algorithm ContentAccess 21/07/2013 16:48:36 9600 (0x2580)
Download failed for content Content_1a0a6203-e945-4228-911c-3e3f7b6082aa.1 under context System, error 0x80091007 ContentAccess 21/07/2013 16:48:36 9600 (0x2580){/code}

Content hash verification had failed.. strange as the MSI had been tested and was working. I simply updated the deployment content , waited for this to distribute and tested again without issue…!

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