ConfigMgr : Building a DaRT 8.1 WinRE Image via PowerShell inc. RemoteRecovery on Startup

A variation on a theme from yesterday where I enabled existing Windows PE images to support DaRT RemoteRecovery.exe on startup.

I also want to have a PXE-delivered DaRT WinRE Task Sequence deployed via ConfigMgr 2012 SP1. In order to automate the build of DaRT 8.1 images that include execution of the RemoteRecovery.exe via Unattend.xml I have modified the DaRT Wizard created PowerShell script. This script, along with pre-requisite file can be downloaded from here. The image will create shortcuts on a chosen file share for DaRT Remote Viewer connections – this means you don’t need the Ticket ID from the console to connect.

When executing the script, you will be prompted for a number of inputs  including specifying the target architecture – the script can be used to create x86 or amd64 DaRT WinRE images.

This article is focused on modification of a “true” DaRT image to facilitate RemoteRecovery.exe launch at boot. For existing WindowsPE 4/5 images, refer to this article.

The script assumes:

  • You have following installed on the build machine – which itself should be running Windows 8/8.1:
    • DaRT 8.1

    • ADK 8.1

    • Windows SDK 8.1 (Debugging Tools only)

  • That you have an extracted copy of the Windows 8.1 Enterprise x86/x64 Media to a folder on the build machine/a UNC path.

  • You have created a File Share to store shortcuts to connect to WinPE machines (specified in Unattend.xml)
  • You have created a username/password to connect to the share (specified in Unattend.xml)
  • You have a driver share/folder either local or on a remote file UNC path.

  • You have extracted the supplied zip file before executing the build script – you will be prompted for the location of the folder containing bot the amd64 and x86 subfolders.

Additional notes:

  • I have left example driver paths in-place – these can be commented out/modified with ease.
  • You will have to modify the Unattend.xml, supply a Share, Username, Domain and Password


Of course, you can modify to suite!

An example run:

Enter DaRT 8.1 image architecture(x86/amd64): amd64

Enter Windows 8.1 amd64 source UNC/local path: D:

Set destination folder for recovery image/iso: C:Dart81

Specify ADK 8.1 path [C:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits8.1Assessment and Deployment KitDeployment Tools]:

Assuming ADK default path: C:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits8.1Assessment and Deployment KitDeployment Tools

Specify Driver Store UNC Path: \<server>Drivers

Specify Unattend.xml and WindowsSystem32PEremote.vbs path: \<server>Boot ImagesMicrosoftDaRT8.1












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