ConfigMgr 2012 : Secondary Site Distibution Point PXE Error 53

I’m working on an odd issue at the moment with System Center ConfigMgr 2012 RTM. I have a Primary Site and a Secondary Site, the Secondary Site is PXE enabled however PXE boot isn’t working, clients are getting the following error: PXE E-53 No boot filename Received

Revieing the SMSPXE.log it is possible to see the client contacting the DP and attempt to boot:


So it would appear that the PXE server isn’t able to find a boot image to match the architecture of the client.

What’s even more odd is that I have distributed the Boot Image to the DP, including selecting the “Deploy this boot image from the PXE Service Point” option on the Boot Image itself.

Working with Microsoft Support we tracked down that the DP is not showing as having ANY packages in the ConfigMgr databse, despite the deployment status for the packages as being distrubuted to the DP. The only DP showing as holing ANY packages is the Primary Site. Use the following SQL query on the Primary Site database to verify package deployment:

{code lang:sql showtitle:false lines:false hidden:false}SELECT * FROM ContentDPMap{/code}

OK, so not the most scientific of fixes… and an odd contributor.

So despite the packages showing as deployed to the Secondary Site DP, clearly they weren’t there as illustrated by the SQL qury above.

Working with Microsoft Support the “sledgehammer to crack a nut” solution was put into action; we uninstalled and redeployed the Secondary Site.

Thankfully this is not destructive as all configuration is held in the Primary Site DB, provided Database Replication has been working properly.

The odd contributor (probably what had stopped the content staging properly) – a network issue.

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