Enabling Duo Dual / Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Guacamole Docker

Updated 12/04/17; reflected availability of 0.9.12-incubating version of guacamole.

Updated 12/02/18; reflected 0.9.13-incubating version of guacamole.

*** This guide assumes you have guacamole up and running, see here if you do not! ***

First, you’ll need to register for a Free Duo account, go to:

Create a new “Auth API” application: Dashboard > Applications > Protect an Application > Web SDK

  • Scroll down, under Settings and change the name to “Guacamole,” or something of your choice.
  • Copy out the following information (you’ll need this for the file):
    • Integration Key
    • Secret Key
    • API hostname

Finally, generate a duo “application key” on your docker host – note you do not have to input this anywhere on your Duo configuration.

dd if=/dev/random count=1 | sha256sum

Now from your docker host we will create a skeleton extensions directory and file that will be passed through to the guacamole docker image. Don’t worry, we’ll only add the Duo-specific config/ extension files here, the docker images will sort the rest out for us!

We will create this skeleton home directory under: /var/docker/config/guacamole/

# From Docker HOST execute these commands

cd ~/
mkdir -p /var/docker/config/guacamole/extensions/


tar zxvf guacamole-auth-duo-0.9.13-incubating.tar.gz

mv guacamole-auth-duo-0.9.13-incubating/guacamole-auth-duo-0.9.13-incubating.jar /var/docker/config/guacamole/extensions/

cd /var/docker/config/guacamole

### Duo MFA Config
duo-api-hostname: <as per duo config>
duo-integration-key: <as per duo config>
duo-secret-key: <as per duo config>
duo-application-key: <generate using command above>

# Now save/ close the text file

Finally, we’ll now drop and recreate the guacamole docker image with Duo support – note this will stop access / any running sessions. Note how we pass through the config folder and then define it as a path within the container which GUACAMOLE_HOME then uses.

Be sure to verify syntax of this command – i.e.

  • Database name
  • Database user account/ password
  • guacd and mysql linked docker container names
  • Volume paths that are passed-through to the container
docker stop guacamole
docker rm guacamole

docker run --name guacamole --link guacd:guacd --link guac-mysql:mysql \
-e MYSQL_DATABASE='guacamole' \
-e MYSQL_USER='guacamole' \
-v /var/docker/config/guacamole:/config \
-e GUACAMOLE_HOME=/config \
-e MYSQL_PASSWORD='<your password>' \
-d -p 8080:8080 guacamole/guacamole

The guacamole container should now be started and you should be able to login/ assign MFA to your guacamole account.

Be sure to reset your browser cache as otherwise you will be presented with an error when logging on.

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