Windows Server 2003

WMI : ADODB Provider Could not Be Found

VBScript : ADODB Provider Could Not Be Found / Re-install MDAC

You may encounter ADODB errors when running a VBscript containing WMI calls on computers running  Windows XP Service Pack 2 or 3.

ADODB  is a part of the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC). You can download MDAC form here, but wait…!

If you are running Service Pack 2 or newer you will find that you are unable to re-install this version of MDAC,as the version included with the service pack is newer.So, in order to perform this task you will require a Windows XP CD with your current Service Pack slip-streamed into it, although files should be available under %systemroot%\windows\servicepackfiles\i386.

With the Windows XP CD inserted / files available perform the following tasks:

  • Browse to c:\Windows\Inf folderin Windows Explorer
  • Right-click the Mdac.inf file, and then click Install. 
  • When prompted point the installer to your Windows XP CD, if the files are unavailable form this location use the Service Pack source files under %systemroot%\windows\servicepackfiles\i386

A special consideration, if running McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, ensure you disable the Access Protection component for this process, it will cause the installation of MDAC to fail.

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