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Storage Essentials : Beware ‘Get All Details’ Task

Storage Essentials : Beware ‘Get All Details’ Task

Shortly after the introduction of Storage Essentials into an environment, fibre tape backups were interrupted at around 03:00 AM every day. We had various errors reported by hosts:

[Major] From: [email protected] “SYS-LTO5_LIB_Drive_1”  Time: 23/02/2011 03:02:56
[90:51]      Tape8:0:6:0C Cannot write to device (Details unknown.)

[Major] From: [email protected] “CDC-LTO5_LIB_Drive_4”  Time: 23/02/2011 03:03:26
[90:161]     Cannot write filemark. ([5] I/O error)

[Critical] From: [email protected] “/itaedi”  Time: 23/02/2011 03:03:26
    Unexpected close reading NET message => aborting.

[Major] From: [email protected] “UX-ITPROD_OFFLINE”  Time: 23/02/2011 03:04:52
[61:3003]      Lost connection to VBDA named “/itaedi”
    on host server.domain.local.
    Ipc subsystem reports: “IPC Read Error
    System error: [10053] Software caused connection abort

[Minor] From: [email protected] “evamgmt02.domain.local [/CONFIGURATION]”  Time: 22/02/2011 22:44:13
[81:141]      \IISDatabase
    Cannot export configuration object: (Unknown internal error.) => backup incomplete.

It turned out that there was a scheduled task within Storage Essentials ‘Get All Details‘ that ran at 03:00 AM every day. This task scanned all known hosts to check for new fibre attached LUNs/devices.

After disabling this task backups were no longer interrupted. It is still possible tomanually trigger updateson a single host, this does NOT impact backups that are runnin, it only appears that backups are interrupted whilst running the scan on ALL hosts.

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