Windows Server 2003

NAPP : iSCSi Initiator and Snap Server Replacement

NAPP : iSCSi Initiator and Snap Server Replacement


Snap Server can have IP address set to by holding down the reset button whilst powering on.


Once configured ensure GuardianOS is upgraded to the most recent entitlement.


To reconfigure the backup server (normally

  1. Load Microsoft iSCSI initiator
  2. Remove all iScsi Targets under Persistent Targets
  3. Go to Targets > Refresh
  4. Highlight the new Target > Logon > Tick Automatically Restore This Connection
  5. Under Disk Management Partition & Format the drive:
      500GB Drive I:\ ‘Daily Backups’
      Remaining Drive W:\ ‘Weekly Backups’
  6. Verify the Backup Software paths are correct for the Backup to Disk targets.

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