Windows 7

Windows : Reset WBEM Repository

Windows : Resolving WMI Connectivity Issues

VPN Clients

First check whetherCheckpoitn Secure Client is installed; the integrated Firewall within this VPN client can cause chaos with WMI. Ensure this is updgraded to version ‘VPN-1 SecureClient NGX R60 HFA03 with support for Windows 7 – CP_SecuRemoteSecureClient_NGX_R60_HFA3’.


Next try connecting to the amchine using wbemtest; from a command line on any Windows XP + system execute the command wbemtest, this will open a new window;

    1. Click Connect, then modiy the name space to be \\client_name\root\cimv2, then click connect.

Windows Firewall

If this fails confirm the following ports/settings are enabled in Windows Firewall (if configured):

    1. TCP Port 135
    2. Remote Administraton

You can always reset the Windows Firewall using the command netsh reset firewall

Reset WBEM Repository

To reset the WBEM repository follow the following instructions:

    1. Use the Start menu to right-click My Computer.
    2. Press the Manage item.
    3. Double-click Services and Applications in the left-hand pane.
    4. Press Services to expand it.
    5. Scroll to Windows Management Instrumentation in the right-hand pane and  right-click it.
    6. Press Stop.
    7. Use Windows Explorer to delete all the files in the %SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem\Repository folder.
    8. Shutdown and restart your computer. The Windows Management
    9. Instrumentation service will start and the files will be re-created

Verify Registry Settings

If WMI is still not working verify the following registry keys:


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