Windows 2008

Network Monitor : Using NMCap

Network Monitor : Using NMCap

Once istalled open a command prompt and change directory to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Network Monitor 3:

NMCap.exe /network * /capture /stopwhen /timeafter 1 min /file issue.cap

You should now recreate your issue, to extend the capture window increase the value in red.Using /capture followed by no filter captures all traffic.

Recreate the issue then ctrl-c the window with NMcap running in it. You can also filter captured results, for example HTTP only:

NMCap.exe /network * /capture “HTTP” /stopwhen /timeafter 1 min /file issue.cap

Or to capture HTTP traffic for a specific IP address:

NMCap.exe /network * /capture “(HTTP || DNS ) && IPv4.Address ==” /stopwhen /timeafter 1 min /file issue.cap

You can also reprocess capture files to generate filtered captures, for example to extract HTTP only traffic from the capture above into a new capture file:

NMCap /InputCapture issue.cap /capture “HTTP” /file HTTP_only.cap

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