SQL : Find Current Database Name

SQL : Find Current Database Name

The following T-SQL will identify the name of the current Database and set the variable @dbname to the name of the database.

/* Establish Current Database Context */
declare @dbname varchar (200)
set @dbname = (SELECT DB_NAME())

This is useful when checking the existence of a table within the current database, for example:

IF object_id(@dbname +N’..tblFragStats’) IS NULL
        CREATE TABLE tblFragStats (
           Date DATETIME, ObjectName CHAR (255), ObjectId INT,
           IndexName CHAR (255), IndexId INT,
           Lvl INT, CountPages INT,
           CountRows INT, MinRecSize INT,
           MaxRecSize INT, AvgRecSize INT,
           ForRecCount INT, Extents INT,
           ExtentSwitches INT, AvgFreeBytes INT,
           AvgPageDensity INT, ScanDensity DECIMAL,
           BestCount INT, ActualCount INT,
           LogicalFrag DECIMAL, ExtentFrag DECIMAL

This code will function on any version of Microsoft SQL, from 2000 SP4 onwards.

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