SharePoint 2013 : Config Database Large Log File Size

By default the SharePoint 2013 Content Database is set to Full recovery mode – despite reccomendations from MS that this should be set to simple, as outlined here;

If unnoticed, you may find your Transaction Log volumes running short on disk space, as we did this morning, follow these steps to relieve storage pressure:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the SQL Database Instance associated with your SharePoint farm
  2. Find the CONFIG database and right-click | Properties
  3. Under the options tree, change the recovery model to simple and click OK
  4. Again, right-click the CONFIG database | Tasks | Back Up – perform a backup of the CONFIG database
  5. Finally,right-click the CONFIG database | Tasks | Shrink | Files  – select Log under the “File Type” drop-down

It may be worth reviewing your recover models in-line with the URL above, for us it was just the CONFIG database that wasn’t in-line with MS recommendations.

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