Exchange Server 2010

Outlook : Waiting to update this Folder…

Outlook : Waiting to update this Folder…

I encountered an issues recently with an outlook 2007 client that, when in cached mode only, would not automatically update maibox folder such as Inbox. In the bottom right of the window the user simply had “Waiting to update this folder…” The user was alo receiving “Out of Memory” error when trying to browse public folders.

On further investigation we noted that the users RPC requst count (shown in the Outlook Connection Status window – Ctrl-click the Outlook Icon) was very high and quickly increasing to the Public Folder server.

It became aparent that the user had many Public Folder Favourites defined, hundreds of folders with thousands of emails. In online mode we deleted the Public Folder Favourites, then deleted the users OST. Finally we set the user back to Cached Mode. This resolved their Outlook issues, and dramaically improved Outlook performance.

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