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Exchange 2007 Recursive Public Folder Permissions

Setting Recursive Public Folder Permissions in Exchange Server 2007

As you may have noticed by now, public folder client permissions cannot be set using the Exchange Server 2007 Public Folder Management MMC snap-in. You are only able to achieve this by using the Exchange Management Shell.

Setting individual public folder permissions can be achieved using the following command:

Add-PublicFolderClientPermission “\UK” -User “User1” -AccessRights PublishingEditor

Setting recursive public folder permissions, i.e. permissions that propagate from a parent folder to its sub folders is not as obvious. Microsoft has included a script with the Exchange Server 2007 Management tools to make this possible. An example of how to use this script is detailed below:

foreach ( $mbx  in(“user1”,”user2″,”user3″)) { AddUsersToPFRecursive.ps1 –TopPublicFolder  “’\UK\Test Folder 1” –User $mbx –Permissions PublishingEditor }

This command will grant ‘Publishing Editor’ permissions on the ‘\UK\Test Folder1’  for user1, user2 and user3. The number of users is not limited. Just ensure you encapsulate the users in speech marks and separate them by commas.

It is import to encapsulate the public folder name using both ” and ‘ characters. For example ” ‘test folder’ “. If you do not use both characters you will recive errors when using this script. The error will read something like:

Get-PublicFolder : A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name  ‘Folder1’

This is because a space follows ‘\UK\Test’

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