ConfigMgr : OSD Install Updates Download Hangs

I knew it had been too long since my last issue with ConfigMgr 2012! I’ve just redeployed the Configuration Manager 2012 environment my previous articles were based on only to encounter a new problem!

The issue is that now during Operating System Deployment during the ‘Install Updates’ step, downloading the updates appears to hang randomly as illustrated below.

BuildCapture UpdatesHang-ReSize

          Downloading xx of xx Updates (xx% complete)…

The solution was fairly simple. After reviewing the DataTransferService.log file under C:\Windows\CCM\Logs I found the following errors:

<![LOG[Error sending DAV request. HTTP code 600, status ”]LOG]!><time=”08:37:54.017-120″ date=”07-16-2012″ component=”DataTransferService” context=”” type=”3″ thread=”2572″ file=”util.cpp:629″>

<![LOG[Error retrieving manifest (0x800704cf).  Will attempt retry 6 in 960 seconds.]LOG]!><time=”08:37:54.017-120″ date=”07-16-2012″ component=”DataTransferService” context=”” type=”2″ thread=”2572″ file=”dtsjob.cpp:1161″>

<![LOG[Failed to send request to /NOCERT_SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/4e90bf14-4e96-47e1-b32e-8a8e9fcc28df at host <DP FQDN>, error 0x2efe]LOG]!><time=”08:37:54.345-120″ date=”07-16-2012″ component=”DataTransferService” context=”” type=”2″ thread=”728″ file=”ccmhttpget.cpp:1801″>

<![LOG[[CCMHTTP] ERROR: URL=https://<MP FQDN>:443/NOCERT_SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/4e90bf14-4e96-47e1-b32e-8a8e9fcc28df, Port=443, Options=480, Code=12030, Text=ERROR_WINHTTP_CONNECTION_ERROR]LOG]!><time=”08:37:54.345-120″ date=”07-16-2012″ component=”DataTransferService” context=”” type=”1″ thread=”728″ file=”ccmhttperror.cpp:291″>

So I copied the URL highlighted above into a browser window and got ‘page cannot be dispalyed’…! In fact it turned out that no HTTPS pages could be displayed, despite the HTTPS binding being configured in IIS. I removed the HTTPS binding on the Default Website and recreated it… problem solved.

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