ConfigMgr : 2012 SP1 Upgrade to R2 CU1

Recently completed an R2 upgrade of a Primary Site with multiple Secondary Sites, as expected this was ‘interesting.’ I’ve captured our experiences below – hopefully this will be useful for someone else about to go through a similar excerise.

Pre-Flight Checks

I used the following documentation to perform the upgrade.

I also disabled Client Auto-Upgrades site-wide – in SCCM console go to: AdministrationOverviewSite ConfigurationSites – right click Sites and select Hierarchy Settings. Note this is still disabled (see below!)

I copied and saved the USMT package sources, creating a legacy package and assigning it for use in the Win7 Task Sequences. This meant that the USMT package used in our existing builds remains the same – i.e. no surprises!

I saved and then copied across the specific USMT package files to the new ADK 8.1 USMT package, then updated distribution points following the R2 installation.

I made a backup of the WIM files from the pre-R2 boot images (just in case!)

The CU1 upgrade documentation here:

Once installed the update you have to push the server upgrade to Secondary Site Proxy MPs only. Console upgrades have to go to any device with the console. Client upgrades should go to all clients. The hotfix deployment creates the packages in SCCM, you just have to create collections and deploy the packages.


R2 Upgrade Specific Issues

Site Server Component Installation Issues

I ran into site server component installation failures as outlined here:

Database Tables
I had an issue with some customisation in the database, used to translate message ID to messages:
I simply cleaned up table, view and schema – the upgrade then went OK.

Secondary Site Upgrade Issues

One of our Secondary Site upgrades failed – working with MS support we reset site status via SQL so that we could re-run the upgrade and it worked. Bizare…



I disabled Client Auto Upgrade – before I’d even come across the following article!

To manually control updates I created a new “Package from Definition”. ConfigMgr Client Upgrade package, version 6.0. Once created I had to modify the install command line as below, otherwise upgrades failed:

CCMSETUP.EXE /noservice SMSSITECODE=<Your Site Code Here>

Manually installed SQL 2012 CU on Secondary Site server that had SQL 2012 Express, otherwise Secondary Site upgrade failed

I had added a PATCH command to the SCCM Client installation step on Task Sequences. I removed this as it was invalid post-R2.

I had to re-apply the AppCat Scaling Fix:

I checked ACL on CMapplicationCatalog folder – this can be reset during upgrades. Should contain Authenticated users with Read/Execute

Had to re-deploy the SCCM client to a couple of the Site Servers as the server-side CU1 upgrade would not be detected/installed

Created a new SCCM 2012 R2 console deployment package. Then had issues with legacy/new SCCM console Deployment Types – legacy and new versions set to use greater than specific version. Restructured detection methods. New console also added to Citrix applications.

We had a manually created SCEP package, this needed to be updated with the new SCEPInstall.exe included with the R2 client

Also ran into this bug with some OSD Task Sequence deployed applications:

Some custom SCCM-specific SSRS reports were broken, error as follows:

An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)
Query execution failed for dataset ‘DataSet1’. (rsErrorExecutingCommand)
The SELECT permission was denied on the object ‘vSMS_ServiceWindow’, database ‘CM_<Site Code>’, schema ‘dbo’.

On SQL Server, CM_<Site Code> DB I added the SELECT permissions for smsschm_users group, on vSMS_ServiceWindow.

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