ConfigMgr 2012 ; Automatic Deployment Rule 0x80072efd

During deployment/configuration I ran into an issue where the Automatic Deployment Rule started failing. Tracing traffic via WireShark showed that a proxy server had been picked up (probably from a WPAD DNS entry) and as a result the ADR was failing to download.

Ruleengine.log showed: ‘Failed to download the update from the internet. Error = 12029’

Patchdownloader.log (careful as this changes location if the client is installed): ERROR: DownloadContentFiles() failed with hr=0x80072efd

To resolve I executed the following commands on the Primary Site Server (if you have a CAS then ensure you execute the command on the CAS server):

  • bitsadmin /Util /SetIEProxy LOCALSYSTEM NO_PROXY
  • bitsadmin /Util /SetIEProxy NETWORKSERVICE NO_PROXY       


By default these will be set to AUTODETECT – I can only guess that the server was picking up a proxy server from another domain in the environment.

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