Ugrading Gucamole 0.9.9 to 0.9.10-incubating

Use the process below to upgrade your guacamole deployment, backed by a mysql database from version 0.9.9 to 0.9.10-incubating. ***If you have an older version this guide is not for you.***

All commands tested on Debian 8.6, Jessie – be sure to check the following post for any related pre-reqs/ libraries:

Guacamole 0.9.10-incubating; Install with MySQL on Debian 8.6 / Ubuntu 16.x

Firstly stop all guacamole related services:

systemctl stop tomcat8
systemctl stop guacd

Upgrade the client, extensions and database:

# Compile the client
cd ~
git clone
cd incubator-guacamole-client
mvn package

# MySQL Database Upgrade Process ### From 0.9.9 ONLY ###
cd ~/incubator-guacamole-client/extensions/guacamole-auth-jdbc/modules/guacamole-auth-jdbc-mysql/schema/upgrade
cat upgrade-pre-0.9.10.sql | mysql -u root -p guacamole

# TomCat WebApp Upgrade Process
cd ~/incubator-guacamole-client/guacamole/target
rm /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/guacamole.war
rm -r /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/guacamole
rm /etc/guacamole/guacamole.war
cp guacamole-0.9.10-incubating.war /etc/guacamole/guacamole.war 
ln -s /etc/guacamole/guacamole.war /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/

# MySQL Extension Upgrade Process
rm /etc/guacamole/extensions/guacamole-auth-jdbc-mysql*
cp ~/incubator-guacamole-client/extensions/guacamole-auth-jdbc/modules/guacamole-auth-jdbc-mysql/target/guacamole-auth-jdbc-mysql-0.9.10-incubating.jar /etc/guacamole/extensions/

Now upgrade server component:

# Server Upgrade
cd ~
git clone
cd incubator-guacamole-server
autoreconf -fi
./configure --with-init-dir=/etc/init.d
make install

# Reload libraries and service files
systemctl daemon-reload

Finally, restart all services – you should now be able to resume using guacamole.

systemctl start guacd
systemctl restart tomcat8

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