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Configuring & Replicating SpeedScreen in Citrix PS 4.5

Configuring & Replicating SpeedScreen in Citrix PS 4.5

‘Speedscreen’ is a very useful feature built in to all versions of Citrix Presentation Server 4.. Configuring this feature is remarkably easy, but it is also remarkably easy to overlook.

For more information regarding speedscreen functionality and benifits see the ‘Presentation Server 4.5 Bandwidth & Usability Study in Graphics-Rich Scenarios’ whitepaper at the following URL:

To configure SpeedScreen log into a Citrix Server which has the Citrix Toolbar / Administration Tools installed. From the Administrative Toolbar select the following Icon:


You will then be presented with the following window:

You can see that this server has been configured for SpeedScreen on all of the listed executables. To add SpeedScreen functionality to another application simply click ‘New… ‘ you will then be presented with a Wizard which will ask you to browse for the desired executable to utilise SpeedScreen with.

Replicating Configuration Between Servers

If you have more than a couple of Citrix Servers in your environment the last thing you want to do is set this up manually on all servers. There is a very simple and quick way of replicating your SpeedScreen configuration between all servers.

Browse the filesystem of a server which has been configured to utilise SpeedScreen, copy the follwoing folder: %Citrix-Install-Dir%\ss3config to all servers under the Citrix Installation Directory. Note this folder may also be under %windir%\system32\ss3config

Provided you have enabled Speed Screen at the Farm level via the Access Management Console you’re good to go!




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