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Citrix : Enable Session Time Zone Redirection

Citrix : Enable Session Time Zone Redirection

It may be that like me, you have Citrix servers in one time zone and users in another. It is possible to configure per-session time zones based upon the connecting client device time zone. I have tested this with XenApp 5.0 running on Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 SP2, with clients connecting via Citrix Online client v10 & 11, RDP and Itium thin client devices.

First you need to add the following registry entries on each server:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

“Flag Data Type”=dword:00000004
“Settings Data Type”=dword:00000001

Next, in Group Policy enable Time Zone redirection:

Computer Configuration >  Windows Components > Terminal Services > Cliet / Server Data Redirection > Allow Time Zone Redirection > Set to Enabled

Finally, in a Citrix policy:

HDX Plug and Play >  Time Zones > DoNot Use Clients’ Local Time >Disabled

This requires no reboots of any kind, a new session logon should show that the redirectionis working.

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